A global network of young leaders who are making the world a better place

Led by youth for youth
When you put together youth energy, experiential training and
development, big responsibilities and a lot of empowering
support–great things happen.

AIESEC consists of 126 youth-run member committees around the world. They each manage and deliver youth programmes which are made possible by thousands of partner organisations and active volunteer and full-time members.

Each committee facilitates the running of AIESEC on a global, national and local level.

The AIESEC Global Committee, consisting of 21 young people based in Rotterdam, oversees all our operations and committees.

In their one-year terms, the Committee members strive to shape, lead and drive the organisation toward the accomplishment of its 2015 midterm goal while achieving our wider vision.

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Member Committees (MC) are the management teams that oversee and coordinate the operations of multiple Local Committees across a given country or territory.

These Committees also support the delivery of over 500 AIESEC training and leadership development conferences each year.

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Most of our 70,000 members around the world work in city- or university-based Local Committees (LC) where we facilitate our recruitment, programme management and delivery of internship and volunteer programmes.

LC members gain personal and professional experience by taking on management and leadership roles while they are finishing their university degrees. The students manage stakeholders, create talent management strategies, devise and implement business plans, and work with MC and the Global Committee to innovate in order to improve the delivery of AIESEC’s vision through our programmes and projects.

Get in touch with the local office nearest to you for opportunities to join or interact with our membership.

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AIESEC engages with thousands of companies and organisations to support their international talent and volunteer acquisition while also offering opportunities for brands to meet and collaborate with young people.

Our global partners include companies, multi-nationals, iNGOs and NGOs that support our vision and help with our model of youth leadership development.

Partners engage with us in several different activities such as our global internships, and our Youth to Business Forum. AIESEC is able to provide unique touchpoints with high-calibre young people from all over the world.

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