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Global Talent Program Overview

Global Talent Program provide leadership experience to the young people in a global learning environment through international internships in major upcoming sectors, like the: Educational Sector Technical Spheres Marketing and Business Sector, and for Global Entrepreneurs.

These internships present an opportunity to improve your skills and enhance your knowledge in a domain of your choice, while building your personal and professional network of people from different countries and cultures. You get to choose from some 5,500 internships around the world.This multi-cultural exposure will broaden your perspective and power drive your career graph as international work experience in the globalization context is considered immensely valuable .

We have internships available in a wide variety of sectors and roles around the world.

Discover thousands of opportunities ranging from startups to multinationals


Immerse yourself in the world of international business. See how organizattions function in a global context. Work with an international team to deliver key projects for the success of the firm. Expand your professional network, while gaining business acumen.



Deepen your expertise of global marketing. Impact global audiences by being a voice for a global organization. Demonstrate your expertise in connecting communities through branding, outreach, and international relations.



Improve the lives of others through education.Be a youth ambassador by professionally teaching languages and global issues in formal educational institutions. Develop a global perspective and understanding of educational systems abroad.



Advance your technical skills through working with organizations on web development, database management, and software development. Acquire a global resume and open the doors of the technology industry.


Stories of us

I always knew I wanted to go on professional exchange with AIESEC once I graduated because of the amazing people and projects found within the network. During my internship, I was able to meet so many like-minded individuals through my position as a teacher. The position permits me to develop my public speaking, managerial skills and many more.

Evans Ofori AIESEC intern in Colombia.

My AIESEC experience in South Africa was absolutely amazing . I must say this was a bold step I had to take to get out of my comfort zone and go to a country I knew nothing about. I had the opportunity to work with a children’s organization where I was a fundraising volunteer. It was a good time with the kids. They were all beaming with smiles, knowing that others cared about them. At the end, I have gained fundraising skills, I have learnt how to work in a team and most importantly I have gained more confidence.

Carol Amegatcher Student at Pentecost university college.

Frequently asked Questions

AIESEC professional internships vary from 6 weeks to 18 months

AIESEC operates on self-funded sustainable model, internships and projects are internally funded by providing opportunity for people to travel with us

AIESEC internships are in various areas, some of which are global issues such as education, others are in fields relevant to the business sector such as marketing

Depending on the internship type, for volunteer experiences you have to pay GH$$$$$, for professional internships you have to pay GH$$$$$

AIESEC internships develops leadership capabilities in young people, after the internship you should expect to become a young leader who is self-aware, concerned and aware of world issues, capable of empowering others and solution-oriented

Before you travel with AIESEC you will be provided with a responsible from the internship hosting entity that will make sure you are provided with your needs

OWhen you apply and get accepted through a virtual selection process with the opportunity manager, you will be advised by the opportuntiy portal system to head to the respective AIESEC office in Egypt to sign a contract and pay for your internship fees