Access a premiere youth network of business-ready global talent.

We offer you some of the brightest leaders ready to join your organization.

Global Talent Program Overview

The flagship talent programme enables your businesses to provide meaningful professional experiences to a global network of youth talent who want to make a difference. The programme duration ranges from 3-18 months and is focused on bringing global talent to your offices.

We provide a full range of support services that help make the experience as smooth as possible. From profiling the candidates, handling visa and logistics, to cultural integration and reception services. It’s a flexible and effective business solution that can scale with multinationals across markets, or support fast growing SME’s expanding globally.

Why hire with AIESEC?

Over the last three decades, we have partnered with thousands of companies that include multinational or SMEs across all sectors for their talent and human capital needs. AIESEC adds value to your business with talent who can bring in cross-cultural expertise and the ability to communicate and work across cultures effectively. We expose and engage young people in diverse environments so they can become globally-minded. But most importantly, whether you need a hundred people across a dozen markets, or specialised hires for one business centre you can count on us to find great people, we can customise to your needs.

     Bring global perspective

     Gain competitive talent adavantage

     Value driven and strategic

Information Technology

AIESEC interns bring in the competitive skill set and the creative attitude highly desirable in the today’s IT industry

Business Adminstration

Our interns offer high end business solutions to all stakeholders, making them the ideal management offering


Bring internationally experienced marketing know-how to your company.


Watch our interns deliver a dose of culture, enhance language proficiency and impart leadership to students

Partnering with AIESEC transforms the way you business hires global talent.

Empower your business to become a first-choice employer for
motivated young leaders.

About AIESEC's Talent pipeline

AIESEC gather young people, from all over the world, who are seeking for self-improvement and continuously trying to develop themselves. We are working with those daring individuals to activate four leadership qualities:

Meanwhile, join us to provide working spaces for them so their leadership journey can be completed. Create a place in your company, where they can thrive!

Still not confident if AIESEC knows about the Youth of Today?

Based on 50,000 responses around the world, our Global YouthSpeak Report gives us first hand information on the millennials and the Gen Zs.

31 %

of millennial talents will enter the workplace knowing they will already be job-hopping and departing within a 5 year window.

25 %

of millennials see global experience as the most important in the first 5 years of their career.

61 %

of the respondents consider it to be very important for the company they work at to have a defined purpose.

This is my second AIESEC internship. I really want to say thank you to AIESEC because it offered me a great opportunity to experience new culture and live diversity. Apart from the expertise skills, I got a lot during my internship like friendship , enlighten and professional attitude. All in All, its quite worthy and much instructive.

Ida Li China.

Ghanian people are friendly and kind. I am happy I came to this place through Aiesec. I value this experience and I think I will have benefit from this forever.